“WasteScan” series monitors are used for spectrometric characterization of radioactive waste. It can be used in nuclear power plants, waste repositories, science facilities, reprocessing plants etc. for typically LLW/ILW measurements or free release.



The “WasteScan” series monitors are the latest generation of segmented waste assay monitors. It is primarily intended for quantitative and qualitative characterization of gamma emitting radionuclides in waste stored in drums of different height, shape and weight. Analysis of non-cylindrical objects is also a possible option.

Typical applications are assay of low or intermediate level waste to be stored in the repository or the checking of the waste potentially suitable for free release.

Integrated sophisticated software enables the total and radionuclide specific activities evaluation and their distribution in drum volume.

The WAM monitors are designed to detect nuclides typical for NPPs such as 134Cs, 137Cs, 60Co, 54Mn, 59Fe, 95Nb, 65Zn, 95Zr, 58Co, 51Cr, 144Ce, 181Hf, 103Ru, etc. as standard. They can be optionally customized and used for other (difficult to detect) radionuclides.



Mechanical parts contained within a unit, amongst others:

  • Fixed or wheel mounted platform
  • Fixed or mobile part with spectrometric detector shielding, collimator and optional shutter
  • Drum rotator with weight sensors

Fast-scan feature and background MDG dose rate detectors.

Spectrometric gamma detector (HPGe as standard, model depending on the application).

Electronics including MCA for the processing of data from the detector.

Control and power supply switchboards which allow local manual control of the system, remote control and display PC with the application software and the database.

Basic calibration kit (custom designed phantom with reference source).

Optionally, manual or automatic loading and/or feeding system.



  • Design enables optimization for specific customer’s requirement
  • Different detectors can be used for optimal performance and throughput at specific applications
  • Fast-scan feature and automatic collimator of the main detector allowing a greater range of measurable activities
  • Full analysis and post-analysis of all acquired spectral data from each volume element with acquisition parameters
  • Fully integrated software for total spectrum analysis
  • Peak attenuation correction
  • Automatic weighing of the drum as a standard



Platform and detection part

Monitor platform can be optionally mounted on wheels and thus can serve as a mobile monitor. Each drum is weighed automatically before the measurement starts. The detection part of the system is provided with background shielding, collimator and optionally with a shutter.


The drum measurement zone is divided into 9 main sectors. Each of main sectors is divided to another 9 sub-sectors making a total 81 measuring sectors.

The operator can recall any of 81 measured spectrums and recalculate any desired analysis.


The data obtained and processed from the detector electronics are evaluated by sophisticated software. Spectra processing includes complete calibration with MCNP efficiency calibration module, peaks parameters determination, nuclides identification with whole decay chain, activities calculation including corrections to waste nature etc.

Remote control system*

*(Not available for WAM-200 – see below)

Systém je ovládán dálkově z PC (jak manuálně, tak automaticky). Na tomto PC běží spektrometrické vyhodnocovací softwarové moduly, řídicí moduly zařízení a moduly vyhodnocení speciálních zkoušek odpadu.

Pro servisní účely může být zařízení ovládáno manuálně v daném místě prostřednictvím řídicích a napájecích rozváděčů.


*(Not applicable for WAM-200)

After the auto-weighing procedure is done, the monitor proceeds to the Fast-scan measurement. This quick measurement provides data for the automatic collimator setting of the HPGe detector. *(Not applicable for WAM-200)

Detection part specification

Detector type

HPGe, standard efficiency 30 %

Typical Energy Range

60 keV ~ 10 MeV

Typical Resolution at 122 keV

 < 850 eV

Typical Resolution at 1330 keV

< 1850 eV

Typical Peak to Compton ratio


Multichannel analyser

up to 64k channels

Power supply

220 ~ 240 VAC / 3 A

Operating conditions

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure


5 ~ 55 °C (41 ~ 131 °F)
up to 80 % non-cond.86 ~ 106 kPa (654 ~ 765 mmHg)




WAM-200 is the most compact and easy-to-operate WAM monitor. During the measurement, the detector-collimator assembly moves in a vertical direction. The system is controlled by an integrated notebook placed in a lockable case. On this notebook the spectrometric, device control and special waste assaying evaluation software are run.


WAM-201 advanced design provides sophisticated detector part which can move closer for measurements and further away for the safe loading and unloading of the drum.


WAM-202 drum monitor is provided with a retraction trolley on steel rails which ensures the best loading and unloading conditions.


WAM-300 is the high-end drum monitor with 152Eu transmission source and fixed detector-collimator part. Each of 9 main sectors can be measured with the transmission source to obtain precise density. The Whole procedure can follow one of the pre-programmed procedures.




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 Specifications, standards and device design may be subject to change with regard to device development or specific customer design, without prior notice of change.
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