VF RMS radiation monitoring system is a modular and standardized system for the radiological monitoring. Variety of radiation monitors, display and alarm units can be connected to the RMS system.



VF RMS radiation monitoring system is a state-of-the-art modular and standardized system for the radiological monitoring. Variety of radiation monitors, displaying and alarm units can be connected to the RMS system. The system has been designed for use at nuclear research facilities, radioactive waste repositories, hospitals etc.

For large and complex systems such as radiation monitoring at nuclear power plants VF is offering alternative control, data acquisition and information systems.



RMS radiation monitoring system is based on smart probes and monitors. Usage of smart probes and monitors ensures its autonomous operation and ease of calibration. Dumb probes and detectors can also be connected to the system through local processing and display units. Probes and monitors with local display and alarm units are operable even in the event of central database failure.

Smart probes and monitors are connected to the local display unit via RS-485 interface as standard. Individual local display units are connected to the RMS database via Ethernet. Host computer with database and RMS Client software continuously communicates with the individual smart probes and/or local display units and stores measured values into the archive. The data stored in the database can be accessed through the RMS Client software installed on any workstation in the local network. For larger systems of dozens of probes the RMS Server may be required.

RMS software provides user friendly graphical representation of measured values, overall system configuration, reporting and archive features. Data can be shown in tables and in the form of bar or line graphs. Regular reports on shift basis can be printed directly from the system window.



  • A modular system which can be optimized to specific clients’ needs
  • A variety of probes which can be connected to the system for area, airborne, process and effluent monitoring
  • Software application completely manages the radiation monitoring system, no other application or database is needed
  • Current and historical values available
  • Single channel and multiple channel tables and graphs available
  • Predefined reports ready for immediate printing
  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Optional and customized modules for specific clients’ requirements





  • MDG-0X Dose Rate Meters are intended for the measurement of a range of dose rates; in a range from very low levels corresponding to natural background up to the units of Gy/hr. MDG-0Xe versions are modified for dose equivalent rate measurements rates. The MDG-0X dose rate meters are equipped with one or two GM tubes and a microprocessor controller with auxiliary circuitry, and all elements are encapsulated in a waterproof cylindrical case.

  • The MDG-12S and MDG-13S are intended for directional dose rate measurements based on semiconductor detectors. The meters are suitable for process measurements in areas with more sources, where only one source and/or one technological section should be monitored and the effect of other sources should be eliminated.

  • AGM-02 Area Gamma Monitor is intended for the measurements of ambient dose rate equivalent in a range from the natural background up to 100 mSv/h. The AGM-02 can be used as part of a large monitoring system with remote centralized indication, or as an autonomous monitor, which provides the data indication locally at the place of measurement.

  • The CPM-310 Continuous Particulate Monitor is intended for measurement of airborne alpha / beta volume activity of radioactive particulates collected on a fixed circular filter.
    The air can be sampled from either working environments or air ventilation systems.


  • MAK-01 is a submersible Liquid Activity Monitor intended for the measurement of activity of liquids in various tanks and sumps. It has integrated MCA and small Cs-137 source for spectra stabilization. It is typically used for the measurement of volumetric activity of waste liquids from nuclear medicine workplaces and research institutes.

  • The MDN-01 Neutron Flux Monitor is designed for measurement of the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) according to ICRP 60 recommendation in neutron fields in different environment such as nuclear facilities, hospitals, workplaces with particle accelerators etc.


  • The LZJ-22 Local Display Units can be used as part of large-scale monitoring systems or local/remote display units for autonomous monitors. Due to its modular concept, it enables a wide variety of different configurations, meaning that the unit can be customized to the various customer's requests for different radiation monitoring systems.


  • The PET-02 Air Monitor is designed for monitoring of gaseous discharges from facilities producing and processing positron emitting radionuclides. The most common users are PET centers and cyclotron facilities.


  • The ASU-50 is an Alarm Slave Unit which is provided with strong optical and acoustic outputs. The unit is controlled from a master system by means of closing contacts which directly controls the individual optical outputs. Three following indicators are used: green (Safety), yellow (Alert) and (flashing) red (Alarm). A siren with a variable tone is also connected to provide acoustic warning


  • The NGD Noble Gas Detector is intended for the continuous measurement of noble gas beta volume activity in the air mass of ventilation stack discharges, in pipelines, and technological systems as well as in the environment.

VF RMS Software is a modular and standardized application for the radiological monitoring. Data are retrieved at preset intervals from smart detectors or local display units connected and stored in SQL database. For the presentation of data the RMS Client application is used. Data can be shown in tabular and in the form of bar or line graphs.
RMS system also provides many online, reporting and archive features. Regular reports on shift basis can be printed directly from the system window.


  • Graph module is intended for measured data presentation
  • Measurement module shows all measuring channels in the system, their current status and measured values
  • Channel module is used for settings of channel parameters, retrieving information from channels and archive
  • Report module features many reporting options
  • Alarm module handles alarm warnings, settings and acknowledgement
  • Other optional modules can be integrated at customers demand



  • Cabling, connection boxes based on the layout or design
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS for safe server operation
  • Other probes and monitors (dumb probes) available
  • Calibrations kits (check-sources, holders, etc.)



  • Central Radiation Monitoring Control and Information System
  • Installed personal surface contamination monitors for alpha, beta and alpha/beta emitters (personal exit monitors, hand-foot contamination monitors, hand contamination monitors, frisking contamination monitors etc.)
  • Personal Electronic Dosimetry System








 Specifications, standards and device design may be subject to change with regard to device development or specific customer design, without prior notice of change.
Please contact our representative to confirm the information provided on this website.

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