VF calibration laboratories enable fast, safe and reliable calibration of a wide range of radiation meters. Calibration laboratories are operated as SSDLs or serve as national standards for dosimetric devices.


The basic principle of calibration laboratories is to irradiate the instrument with the ionising radiation of a precisely defined reference value and then check the response of the calibrated instrument for accuracy and correctness.

The concept of the calibration laboratory is designed to enable remote instrument positioning during the course of calibration from safe areas.

A calibration laboratory consists of several basic subsystems that ensure efficient, safe and reliable calibration.


Basic types of calibration laboratory

  • A gamma calibration laboratory
  • A neutron calibration laboratory
  • Special and mobile calibrators

For calibration laboratories, the following is further offered:

  • Radionuclide sources for irradiators installed in calibration laboratories
  • Wide area radionuclide sources for the calibration of contamination monitors
  • Point sources for on-site calibration checks (outside the laboratory)
  • Holders for calibrated instruments
  • Delivery or rent of containers for the transport of radionuclide sources and/or irradiators and reloading containers


  • A calibration laboratory tailored to the customer’s premises
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic calibration
  • Unified DARS software system for calibration laboratory control
  • Possibility to create custom calibration procedures
  • Various models of gamma and neutron irradiators
  • A reliable and robust safety system to prevent the exposure of laboratory workers
  • Passive safety features to prevent laboratory workers from being exposed to radiation in the event of a power supply failure
  • Low dose rate on the irradiators surface
  • Can be used as a secondary standard dosimetric laboratory (SSDL)
  • Can be accredited according to ISO 17025 standard
  • Long-term service support
  • Option of replacing selected sources on site
  • Possibility of metrological traceability to a higher level of a standard


A calibration laboratory consists of the following subsystems:

  • Irradiation
  • Safety
  • Measuring
  • Control

The irradiation system must be installed in rooms that prevent people from being irradiated when performing calibrations, in so-called irradiation rooms. The instrument calibration process is controlled by the operator from the control room, safely shielded from the irradiation room.

VF offers its customers their expertise and experience in designing new irradiation rooms or the optimized use of existing irradiation rooms to provide protection for people in and around the laboratory from the effects of radiation.


The calibration laboratory irradiation system consists of:

  • Gamma or neutron irradiators, in which one or more radionuclide sources are installed. Irradiators generate a horizontal collimated beam of ionizing radiation
  • We offer OG-8, IG-13, GI-06, PGI-01 gamma irradiators
  • We offer NI-01, NI-08 neutron irradiators
  • The CB-50 calibration bench, which is installed in front of the irradiator and consists of a trolley moving along rails. Calibration bench control can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The length of the track is adjustable in segments of 1 and/or 2 m, depending on the size of the irradiation room


The purpose of the safety system is to avoid undesired exposure of laboratory personnel. The system is always configured according to specific user requirements.

The safety system includes the following subsystems:

  • Electromagnetic door locks installed on the entry door to the irradiation room and a door open/close sensor
  • A set of motion sensors for detecting people in the irradiation room
  • Emergency push buttons to stop irradiation and bench movement
  • An MDG-04 dose rate detector in the irradiation room
  • A camera system allowing viewing of the irradiation room during instrument calibration
  • Acoustic and optical indicator of the laboratory technology status


A measuring system is integrated into the calibration trolley and is designed to provide a reading of the measurement result from a calibrated instrument when irradiated. VF calibration laboratories offer two basic methods:

  • Using a camera pointing at the calibrated instrument display
  • Using intelligent interfaces, such as pulse counters, or various communication interfaces


The laboratory control system is designed for automated or semi-automated calibration of instruments with high measurement accuracy and repeatability. The system provides the reliable archiving of measured data and operator safety.

The control system always consists of:

  • Min. one PC for the calibration laboratory operator
  • A server for central archiving of the laboratory data
  • A DARS software system, which is available in three versions: Basic, Control Easy and Professional
  • The measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity in the irradiation room
  • Optionally, a GIP-01 laboratory status overview panel can be installed in the operator room

Optionally, a GIP-01 laboratory status overview panel can be installed in the operator room.


  • OG-8 Gamma irradiator with max. seven sources
  • GI-06 Gamma irradiator with max. five sources
  • IG-13 Gamma irradiator with max. three sources
  • PGI-01 Panoramic Gamma Irradiator
  • NI-01 Neutron irradiator with one source
  • NI-08 Neutron irradiator with max. eight sources


If it is necessary to irradiate a large number of calibrated instruments at once, it is advisable to use the PGI-01 irradiator with a non-collimated gamma radiation field.


We offer the following radionuclide sources as standard for VF irradiators:

Nuclide Radiation type Half-life Energy
137Cs gamma 30,17 years 662 keV
60Co gamma 5,27 years 1179 a 1333keV
241Am gamma 432 years 60 keV
252Cf neutrons 2,6 years
PuBe neutrons >24 thousand years
AmBe neutrons 432 years

The maximum activity of the sources for individual irradiators is determined in the relevant catalogue sheets.


Type Description
OG-8 Gamma irradiator with max. seven sources
GI-06 Gamma irradiator with max. five sources
IG-13 Gamma irradiator with max. three sources
PGI-01 Panoramic Gamma Irradiator
NI-01 Neutron irradiator with one source
NI-08 Neutron irradiator with max. eight sources


  • CB-50 Calibration bench


  • BC-03 Beta Calibrator for personal dosimeters – Hp (0.07)


  • Software DARS
    • DARS Basic Control
    • DARS Easy
    • DARS Professional


  • Calibration laboratory overview information panel
  • Laser indication of the beam axis and reference distance
  • System of measurement of working conditions (temperature, pressure and humidity)
  • Holders of calibrated instruments – specify instrument type
  • Attenuators in front of the irradiator


Type Description

MDG-02 MDG-04

Gama dose rate detectors


Area Gamma Monitor
MND-01 Neutron dose rate detectors
LZJ-22 Local Display Unit
ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit
RMS RMS Software
HF Hand-foot Contamination Monitor
PAM-100 PAM-170 Portable Activity Monitors
PNM-01 Portable neutron dose equivalent monitor


  • Processing of documents for the construction part of the calibration laboratory project
  • Processing of documents for radiation protection in the calibration laboratory
  • Renting of a transport container for irradiator transportation to the installation site
  • Traceability of the radiation beam of the supplied irradiator to the VF laboratory
  • Training in ionizing radiation metrology
  • Inspections and testing of sources
  • Preventive checks of calibration laboratory technology
  • Upgrades of calibration laboratory technology
  • Disposal of old sources
  • Supply of new sources for VF irradiators

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Specifications, standards and device design may be subject to change with regard to device development or specific customer design, without prior notice of change.
Please contact our representative to confirm the information provided on this website.

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